Rhetoric | A Day That Will (Really) Live in Infamy

Today, August 5th (August 6th in Japan)  is the Anniversary of the most heinous act ever perpetrated in the name of America: the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, and three days later, Nagasaki, Japan.

All of the rationalizations posed by politicians then and still being posed today,  are pure unadulterated male bovine excrement.  Even Einstein himself rationalized it saying the Japanese and Germans bombed civilians first. Yes, there was the rape of Nanking and many other atrocities by the Japanese military, and, of course, there was the Holocaust.  But still, there is no justification for a civilized nation stooping to vengeance—no matter how the advocates “spin” it.

A relative who lives in Japan,  and who visited the Hiroshima Memorial said that nearly all who came out of the building that day — both Japanese and foreigners — left with tears in their eyes. It’s a tragedy that some politicians cannot imagine the pathos and suffering that will stem from their decisions—and an even greater tragedy that they are so quick to pile up rationalizations, once they get a glimpse of the horror that they have ordained.



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