Poetry | Bi-Polar Cycles


© 2017 Vernon Miles Kerr


That poem needs work… but

What’s happening on Twitter…

Mail? This early? Never heard of ‘em.

Probably spam…but

Ohhh… a new type of pruning saw…

Might be good for the shaping our Maple needs..

Nah…I need to focus on the poem.

‘Got a responsibility to get that out.

The world needs that perspective.

Open…Recent…BINGO! There it is.

OH! Better get some Pandora going

What’ll it be? Bossa Nova, Strauss…

Strauss. Ahh hat’s better…but

What’s happening on AP?…

Problems needing solutions…

Let’s see…Foreign Relations, Russia Policy…

Russia Policy! The solution is so damned simple.

Just a quick Tweet…

I dunno…maybe the pruning saw would be good.

Where was that site…


Where’s the damned coffee scoop…

If ANYONE would put things back

In the same place twice…

The weather looks sucky today

‘Should stay in and watch TV…except

It has nothing but trivial crap going on.

Maybe read that poetry anthology…except

It’ll just make me feel like such a hack,

What the hell is my perspective gonna add

To the world of Poesy?

It’s all preaching to the choir anyway.

Who the hell reads poetry nowadays?…except

Effete introverts…like me, I guess.


If it’s not a robocall they’ll leave a message…

THERE’s the friggin’ scoop!…

Oh my God. In the fine silver yet!

The weather looks worse…

Maybe a nap…

Coffee’s a bad idea…

Yeah, a nap.

2 thoughts on “Poetry | Bi-Polar Cycles

    1. Thanks for the comment Linda. Here’s a joke on me. Apparently WordPress puts the first few lines of the poem in italics when it informs you that someone has commented. In this case, the first thing I saw was
      “That poem needs work… but What’s happening on Twitter…Mail? This early? Never…”
      I was a about to go look for that comment on my blog and write a defense:
      “Well, you have a point, but it was written as stream-of-conscioiusness in about ten minutes and was deliberately left raw and unedited because I wanted to give a taste of what life is like for someone with bipolar disorder”

      May I always be my best critic.


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