Rhetoric | A Rant About Apple

A Rant About Apple

(c) 2017 Vernon Miles Kerr

I standardized my consulting firm on Apple Computers 15 years ago.  Now retired, we have a house full of Apple devices.  In my consultancy as a programmer/software configuration manager, I had to deal with my clients’ Windows machines.  The Apples in my own home are still a mystery to me.  I can make a Windows machine, or a network full of them sit up, roll-over and play dead, using Perl or VBScripting:  I can’t do sh*t with these Apples.  Steve Jobs  tried to keep everything so f’ing  proprietary you have to go to the Apple Store and take a course from one of their oxymoronically named “gurus” to understand one of their apps—or the operating system itself, for that matter.

The biggest fraud ever was when Steve Jobs said that he envisioned the personal computer as being simply an appliance that you “just turn on, and voila!  It works!”   Sorry, Steve, you failed.


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