Poetry | The Bells of Filene’s

The Bells of Filene’s © 2017 Vernon Miles Kerr   Any Boston afternoon, Downtown Crossing’s canyons Surge with cars and shoppers. Walk-Don’t Walk, Thousands of feet shuffle. Screeching on Red, Honking on Green, Buses and Ducks Trailing smokescreens.   A faint tinkle penetrates The cacophony. The City pauses, Takes a breath, And listens. The Bells… Read More Poetry | The Bells of Filene’s

Rhetoric | Government by Agency

Government by Agency: The New Totalitarianism © 2017 Vernon Miles Kerr As ever-greater government executive power, both Federal and State, is being abrogated to agencies, commissions or boards, their inefficiencies, illogicalities and inequities are attracting the public’s attention, ire, and even fear. One can sense a sea change in the making, where the increasing totalitarianism… Read More Rhetoric | Government by Agency