Drama | Screenwriting 1A Lesson One

Welcome to Screenwriting 1A.  With this post you’ll notice a new writing category is added to our masthead, “DRAMA”.   Around two years ago my friend and former Critical Writing professor, Manfred Wolf published his memoir Survival in Paradise – Sketches From a Refugee Life in Curaçao, http://www.survivalinparadise.com Immediately, I and several of his relatives… Read More Drama | Screenwriting 1A Lesson One

Rhetoric | English Phonetics in Qwerty

English Phonetics in Qwerty (c) 2014 Vernon Miles Kerr Introduction English is unique among the Indo-European languages because it is only vaguely phonetic. Written English contains archaic, traditional spellings that are not phonetic but must be learned by rote in childhood.   The struggle that a child in the English-speaking world must go through, is compounded… Read More Rhetoric | English Phonetics in Qwerty