The Schuco!

  © 2014  Vernon Miles Kerr   What was it about those little two-and-a-half-inch model racecars, with their quality German clockwork propulsion systems, that bring back such fond memories? The clickety-click of winding the spring, then placing it inside a used automobile tire… Putting it in gear with a clunk of the tiny shift lever…… Read More The Schuco!

“A Political Paradigm for the Gullible”

  ©2014 Vernon Miles Kerr   Given the thousands of stars recently discovered having planets, it is realistically possible that advanced alien intelligence might well be watching our barbaric, primitive little race of beings. I wonder what they think of our one-dimensional political concept. Are they splitting a gut laughing at how we insist on… Read More “A Political Paradigm for the Gullible”