Criticism | Email comments from an old friend and Critical Writing Professor

Here is a helpful and very much appreciated comment emailed to me by my old friend Manfred Wolf, who was my Critical Writing professor at San Francisco State.  Here are his comments:

“Vern’s story ‘The Haole’ is gripping in its intensity and especially effective in showing a boy’s infatuation with all things Hawaiian. Here the descriptions are lush and psychologically powerful. But the story turns very dark, and I found myself wishing that that change had been prepared for more carefully; we have many pages of idyll and very few of terror, which has a way of seeming to split the story in two.”  — Manfred Wolf

You can hear Doctor Wolf reading from  his book “Almost a Foreign Country” at this YouTube Link:

One thought on “Criticism | Email comments from an old friend and Critical Writing Professor

  1. Well hello Manfred, its Hattie. Of that generation Vernon speak of. I’m getting quite fond of Vernon’s commentary and, as you know, have always enjoyed yours. The title referred to, “The Haole” caught my attention late husband (‘The Good One’) and I lived on Kauai back when 2/1 homes on the Highway in Kapa’a didnt sell for over half a million+. In other words, the really good old days.
    To me, there are so many levels of culture and economics that brought us to the abysmal inequity — starting with the quaint notion of ‘business ethics’. I would recommend to you both, a nf book from the 80’s, “America — What Went Wrong” by 2 journalists from the late Philadelphia Inquirer. I’ve never forgotten it.
    I suppose I’d better close; I dont know the length limits here but once I get pen or keyboard in hand, I can’t be trusted. 😏😊

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